Our Services.

1. Property Inspections.

We shall carry out regular site inspections of the property and/or estate to ensure that repairs/works are noted and carried out. We will also ensure that previously instructed works have been carried out to a professional standard. These visits are also a good opportunity to meet with residents to discuss any of their concerns or for residents to simply have peace of mind that their home is being looked after. 

2. Routine Maintenance.

We will ensure that all reoccurring maintenance and contracts are carried out. You will have agreed this prior to any works commencing. This generally refers to the gardening or cleaning of the property.

3. Communication.

We are here to talk to any of the parties involved; our office is open from 8AM - 5PM Monday to Friday. We can also be reached via email or a contact form via our website. We believe that good communication is key to a successful and long-term relationship.

4. Long Term Maintenance Plans.

We will put together a strategic long-term maintenance plan to assist with further major and planned works. This will enable the correct levels of funding can be collected for these works 
in advance to ensure that residents are not asked to pay out large sums of money in one go. This is of course providing your lease allows for the collection of sinking/reserve funds. 

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